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  • Location of fieldwork
  • Summer monsoon rains over the Bay of Bengal during a research cruise aboad R/V Roger Revelle


Research group: Amala Mahadevan's Lab, Ocean and Environmental Processes


Currently working on an initiative in the Bay of Bengal, Indian Ocean. Funded by the U.S. Office of Naval Research, the project is an international collaboration to better understand how the ocean affects the seasonal Monsoon rains over land, ultimately improving weather forecasts and climate projections for the region. The project involves fieldwork on research ships, deploying surface and underwater drones, analysing hydrographic, atmospheric, and satellite surface data, as well as modelling  the processes at play in the ocean-atmosphere system.


Related publications:

Mahadevan, A., G. Spiro Jaeger, M. Freilich, M. Omand, E.L. Shroyer, and D. Sengupta. 2016. Freshwater in the Bay of Bengal: Its fate and role in air-sea heat exchange. Oceanography 29(2):72–81   link

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Miscellaneous: TOS Student Member Highlight

Original colormap purple_green_orange, perceptually smoother and aesthetically more pleasing than the classical jet map.  download .mat file

Undergraduate research at UCSB: worked in the Jayich Lab on nanosensing, and researched pulsars with Carl Gwinn.

Excess Optical Enhancement Observed with ARCONS for Early Crab Giant Pulses; M. J. Strader et al 2013 ApJ 779 L12, link